Machine Learning and Data Mining Group

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Many people asked us about the future of artificial intelligence.

One answer may be like that, “Electricity was invented about 100 years ago, but it is still the main force to change our world nowadays”. The answer may be also like that, “Everywhere that has been changed by informationization will be rechanged by intelligentization”.

That is the future of artificial intelligence, and also the future of our world. Let us work together.

We will make the world smarter and smarter.

Recent News

  • Paper "Predicting Temporal Sets with Deep Neural Networks" has been accepted by KDD 2020. Congratulations to Le Yu.
  • Paper "Dual Sequential Network for Temporal Sets Prediction" has been accepted by SIGIR 20. Congratulations to Yansong Bai.
  • Le Yu wins the outstanding freshman scholarship, congratulations!

We Want

  • 2 Ph.D Candidates in CS/Software
  • 6 Master Candidates in CS/Software
  • 4-6 Sophomore or Junior Intern
  • 1 Postdoctor